I love India

(Old blog posted on June 29 2009 at http://colorsnshadows.blogspot.in/ )


Hey friend’s I want to share one experience about this photograph . . . The year was 2006 and I was going to my friends place . . . On my SCOOTY . . . I was about to handover my CAMERA to my friend, so camera was with me. I came across the City Police Head Quarters and suddenly I saw towards sky and it was nice formation of clouds . . .I picked up my camera and clicked . . .To take snap from Digital SLR camera , camera should be settled according to light . . .But I didn’t know whether at that time my camera was having proper setting or not. Also I was on the road side, feeling insecure about taking photograph because I was in front of CP’s Office and it might have been photography prohibited area.So I directly clicked the scene , closed bag and left the place . . .Before handed over of my camera, copied all photos on a CD.And I really forgot what I clicked .After six months I was just checking all the CD’s for labeling and I got that CD . . . Still I wasn’t aware of what I had clicked when I opened it and thinking about composition of photo suddenly I realized that this not an ordinary photo of clouds. It is the shape of MY INDIA and I shorn of my attention for five minutes . After 5 min I realized that I clicked and I would really like to tell u friends this is unforgettable movement in my life when I realize the Shape and what it is about. . . If we see the circumstances , the first thing was that I was not knowing what I m clicking , second one is I didn’t know whether my camera was properly set or not and for giving such professional touch it is very important that all things form camera side should be perfect. . . And I was unaware of all this things at that time. . . But the shot was perfect . . . From this experience I realized that when GOD interferes in your matters no One can stop you. . . Thanks GOD for giving me such opportunity and blessings on me . . . Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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