Pug marks of Marathi Samrajya @ Deogiri

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Its very long time that I have blogged . . . In this vacations I had a visit to Deogiri. The first entry point called my attention for a snap and here I am sharing it.This is inside view of First Gate of Castle. We can observe here the Royal Sculpture and perfect warfare architecture of gate. The 90 deg turn is made to waste the power of enemy. This castle was build by Yadava in 1100. Later it was captured by Ala-ud-din Khilji in 1294.This was first defeat faced by Maharashtra. After 900 years still you can feel the pug-marks of Marathi Samrajya @Deogiri.

Flamingo & ONKAR At Sukhana Dam

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This is photograph of flamingo taken at SUKHANA DAM near AURANGABAD . . .
Taken on Date 19/01/2008 and Time 5.44 pm. It was nice evening and I was sitting in front of TV. Suddenly I thought to go outside for photography . My younger brother ONKAR was also sitting near by me.I asked him to come with me for photo shoot . As I was expecting he was ready to come with me . . . from December 15 I was regularly going at SUKHANA DAM for taking photographs of flamingo . . . I got some nice shots but a photographer never get what he want . . . he always hopes for better than what he had . . . So it was one more trip to SUKHANA….But I have never been there at evening . . . I used to go in early morning . . .
We left the home at 4.00pm and reached there by 5.00pm. . . It was first time when ONKAR was on wildlife field for photography . . .He was so excited and I can understand his feelings . I attached telephoto lens to the camera and mounted CAMERA on tripod and started moving towards flamingo.These birds are shy so we have to take some precautions to approach. Therefore I sat down on the grass and ONKAR started crawling on the mud . . . As it was river bank side it was all mud . . . we were succeeding step by step and we got more closer to these birds . . . still they were busy in their eating . . .after covering certain distance I realized that this is our limit and I started to adjust tripod and focus of camera .But when I was busy in all this stuff ONKAR reached more closer to them . . . . As ONKAR was crawling they didn’t notic ONKAR . . . I was thinking that now its all over for today . . .Now birds will fly away and I will not get a single photo. And it was not that situation where I can shout and tell ONKAR to stop . . .I thought that “JO HOGA WO DEKHA JAYEGA” . . .Still flamingos were busy in eating and distance between ONKAR and them was hardly 20 feet . . . ONKAR was lucky that he could go much closer to flamingo . . . From one month I was trying but not get a single chance. . . I started clicking photos by thinking they will fly away and at least I will get flying shot . . . Suddenly all of them took off their heads from water . . . . they might noticed presence of ONKAR . . . as they taken out their heads , ONKAR also stopped crawling . . . at that time I have clicked this snap which is posted above . . .after clicking it I have stopped clicking photos because the sound produced while clicking may disturb the birds . . . and what I realize that if you want nice wildlife photos you should capture it them in natural habitat without disturbing OBJECT. . . ONKAR was there sleeping in mud silently and observing flamingo only and not at all looking at me . . . as he was there to watch them only and not with me to help me . . . I was also maintaining silence . . . after 5 min flamingo confirmed that there is no buddy and they are SAFE . . .they started eating again . . . I think ONKAR was satisfied by seeing them from much closer distance and he turned back and started crawling back . . . I just pressed preview button on my camera and i was happy to see this above photograph I have taken . . . I got nice evening light falling on flamingo . . . Nice color combination . . . Perfect frame and as time permitted I was totally prepared with my equipments. . .And after watching this photo I was also satisfied and I left my position silently without disturbing them. . .
So after reaching place where we had parked my PULSER . . .I committed to ONKAR that we will manage one more trip for flamingo. . . ONKAR was happy and I know this was nice experience in his life and he will remember it for lifetime . . .
Flock of Flamingo were chirping continuously. . .This might be their sun set CALL. . . It was about to sun set . . . And our home was 30km away from SUKHANA . . .So me and ONKAR leaved flamingo and that place happily by storing images in CAMERA and memories in heart . . . Thanks!!!

I love India

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Hey friend’s I want to share one experience about this photograph . . . The year was 2006 and I was going to my friends place . . . On my SCOOTY . . . I was about to handover my CAMERA to my friend, so camera was with me. I came across the City Police Head Quarters and suddenly I saw towards sky and it was nice formation of clouds . . .I picked up my camera and clicked . . .To take snap from Digital SLR camera , camera should be settled according to light . . .But I didn’t know whether at that time my camera was having proper setting or not. Also I was on the road side, feeling insecure about taking photograph because I was in front of CP’s Office and it might have been photography prohibited area.So I directly clicked the scene , closed bag and left the place . . .Before handed over of my camera, copied all photos on a CD.And I really forgot what I clicked .After six months I was just checking all the CD’s for labeling and I got that CD . . . Still I wasn’t aware of what I had clicked when I opened it and thinking about composition of photo suddenly I realized that this not an ordinary photo of clouds. It is the shape of MY INDIA and I shorn of my attention for five minutes . After 5 min I realized that I clicked and I would really like to tell u friends this is unforgettable movement in my life when I realize the Shape and what it is about. . . If we see the circumstances , the first thing was that I was not knowing what I m clicking , second one is I didn’t know whether my camera was properly set or not and for giving such professional touch it is very important that all things form camera side should be perfect. . . And I was unaware of all this things at that time. . . But the shot was perfect . . . From this experience I realized that when GOD interferes in your matters no One can stop you. . . Thanks GOD for giving me such opportunity and blessings on me . . . Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Peacock Display


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ॠतू कूस बदलतात. मृगाचे ढग अंगणी येतात .त्यांचं येणं धरणीचं रूप हिरवाईनं बहरण्याचा सांगावा आणतं. काही दिवसांपूर्वीच्या उष्माची जागा गारव्यानं व्यापली जाते . . . आणि मोहक बदलाची ही चाहूल मयूराला मोहरून टाकते . . . हिमायतबाग़ परिसरातील या क्षणांना टिपलंय अभियांत्रिकीचा विद्यार्थी सुमीत सतीश जोशी याने . . .

१८ जून २००८